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Legal Document Writers, Company Registration, Society Registration, all Ecs, certified copies, all earth book services. The prices usually charged by legal authors on Upwork are: Hello there! I am a lawyer during the day and a writer in my heart, and I would like to help you in your creative needs of writing, reading and correction, academic writing and/or legal. As an English and J.D. major, with over fifteen years of experience in both creative and academic writing as well as legal practice, I feel unique in conveying both in-depth analytical and research skills that would benefit any project, as well as the added value of a creative mind and several years of writing practice. I hope I can help you do your next project the way you want! I have extensive experience in producing countless business-related documents, briefs, memoranda, declarations of omission, credentials and letters of opinion. My business-related documents include service agreements; partnership agreements; agreements of independent contractors; LLC company agreements, confidentiality agreements and employment contracts, in particular restrictive agreements (non-competition, prohibition of debauchery, non-incentive). On average, projects that contain these types of agreements take 2 hours. On Upwork, I focus on providing paralegal services to individuals, lawyers and businesses, even though I am. I have a Doctor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business Management. After more than four decades of practicing and teaching law, I am now a full-time freelance writer with a book on DUI law and a textbook on business law. Because of my training and professional experience, it is useful that I specialize in writing articles, blogs, website content and other documents for lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada. Everything I write is researched and written according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the lawyers work. My clients appreciate getting attractive and error-free texts that are written this way.

Writing is my passion and my job. As a lawyer, I really appreciate the art of zealously defending a position of efficiency and effectiveness. As a creative writer, I subsin to arouse strong emotions. Whether it`s a short letter, professional writing articles, video scripts, or e-books, let me introduce that passion into your project. Since I saw my first argument before the U.S. Supreme Court as a law student at georgetown University Law Center, I wanted to be an appel appel appele lawyer. I graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2001 magna laude. While in law school, my note was published in the Georgetown Law Journal entitled “The.

Hello, I am Cedric and I am upwork`s best lawyer for almost all your legal needs. More than 600 upwork jobs completed with 5-star ratings and there are more and more. I am Upwork`s most experienced and consistent 5-star lawyer after working for nearly a decade on the platform and its predecessors. I graduated from USC Law School where I attended Law Review and in the 10% of my class, and I am fully committed to client satisfaction, quality work and the best results for my clients and clients. I have been licensed in California since 2006. After working at the renowned international law firm in Los Angeles,. An experienced and talented author of legal content with extensive experience in writing web texts for law firms, independent websites and publications….