Faa Minor Change Agreement

Update: On November 25, ARSA received a letter from the FAA and EASA, sent in official response to the ARSA-led coalition`s request on October 7, to address the complications of Amendment 5 of the Maintenance Annex Guide (MAG) with respect to partial documentation requirements. ARSA continues to work closely with the FAA and its coalition partners to address a wide range of issues related to amendment MAG 5. The association will update its members as soon as new developments occur. Update – November 3, 2015: MAG Change 5 – Briefing – Listening Session Recap On November 3, the ARSA regulatory team organized a discussion – under the direction of General Manager and General Marshall S. Filler – of MAG Change 5. The meeting required members to complement the Association`s support for industry, with the FAA and EASA partnering to effectively implement the change. This proposal is part of the ongoing work between ARSA, its allies and agencies. FAA and EASA members discussed minor changes and single exit issues with industry, both on certification teams and maintenance management teams, which provide multilateral coordination of international aviation surveillance. These agreements will be formalized by their inclusion in the minutes of the June 17 meeting. Industry representatives developed a draft protocol that was forwarded to agency representatives for advice and eventual adoption. In response to a question from members in July – reported in the “A Member Asked” of the hotline – ARSA inquired with the FAA about the imminent lifting of the police force. The quick response of the Deputy Director of the Office of Safety Standards, Tim Shaver, suggested that this new message would extend the fix in the short term, as is the case now, until a permanent correction can be made with the issuance of amendment MAG 7.

The letter states that its demands were formulated “in the spirit of the vision of [the EU-US bilateral aviation safety agreement] for a simpler flow of maintenance services between Europe and the United States… From the point of view of the signatory associations, the requested changes maintain the high level of safety of our aviation safety regulatory systems, while reducing wasted and costly inefficiencies. Since the release of MAG Change 5 in September 2015, ARSA has been the industry leader in several efforts to “smooth” implementation and avoid international maintenance disruptions. After winning the initial extension from December 2015 to April, the association convinced both agencies that the sector`s reports required a further postponement. While we are relieved to finally reach an agreement, much remains to be done to fully implement the privileges of p. 21.137 (o).