How do I do add-ons?

Add-ons can be a bit confusing! But we’re here to help.

#1 – Go to Kickstarter and press the Manage Your Pledge Button. If you have not pledged yet it will say Back this Project.

Screenshot 5:16:14, 10:27 PM


2. Pick your reward level.  If you would like a deck, a coin, and dice for example then pick the deck level.

3. Add up the cost of the extra things you want. We’ve included a simple Excel form below. Put a 1 next to your reward level and then the amount of add-ons you want. If you can’t see the calculator just take your reward price + the add-ons and pledge that number.

4. Do not change the tier you are currently pledged at. Unless you want other things as well.

How do you know what I want?
After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey that will ask you questions so that you can explain how you would like the add-on money assigned, which decks you would like, and more.

Do I need to add shipping/handling?
Shipping/handling is included for backers in the US. Additional worldwide shipping as specified for each level.

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