Why Sherlock Holmes?


“Our modern obsession with this character isn’t particularly novel. Holmes has been a continuous hit since his creation, and he was the first fictional character that fans really took ownership of — after Arthur Conan Doyle tried to kill him off, they refused to accept his death and wrote their own Holmes stories.” – Stephen Marche

From Tabz: I’m a giant Sherlockian. I have been since I was 9. There’s no single fictional character that has had a bigger impact on my life than Holmes. I believe in Sherlock Holmes. He taught me to think; he showed me the wonders of reading, learning, and writing; he showed me the value of friendship; and most, importantly, he taught me to love my obessive geekness.

I owe a lot to Sherlock Holmes and the fandom. Because of this, I would LOVE to give back in a small part by creating this project. If we hit the stretch goals there’ll not only be two playing card decks, but also a Pairs deck, music, books, and more!

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