For The Purpose Of This Agreement The Following Terms

For the purposes of this section 7, a triggering event refers to the occurrence of one of the following facts or events: a) Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as limiting or restricting the liability of a party in the event of death or bodily harm as a result of negligence, breach of confidentiality, fraud or obligation to compensate the other party. b) The parties acknowledge that this agreement is commercial in nature, and each party expressly and irrevocably renounces, if any, any claim or right it has, if any, to immunity, including, but not only to sovereign immunity, the act of the State or other means, for itself or in connection with any of its assets related to a procedure for the implementation of this agreement. (c) If a payment due by the customer to PCCW Global that has not been challenged under item 6.3 (b) has not been received before the due date, PCCW Global has the right, in addition to all other rights it has under this agreement or the law, to collect a fee and the customer is liable for the daily interest on the outstanding amounts. , at the interest rate between the due date and full payment, as well as all collection costs incurred by PCCW Global, including, but not limited, to legal costs due to the client`s non-payment; and (ii) to charge these fees, fees and interest on the amounts that PCCW Global or its related companies owe to the customer or its related businesses under another agreement between the parties. 17.8 Third-party beneficiaries. There is nothing in this agreement to provide remedies, rights, rights, responsibilities, reimbursement, means or other rights or privileges to third parties (except for the rights holders and approved beneficiaries of the contracting parties). (b) The customer ensures that these service equipment is not removed, relocated, modified, disrupted or connected to other devices without the prior written permission of PCCW Global or in accordance with the conditions expressly approved by this Agreement. 1.1 For the purposes of this agreement, capitalized words have the meaning assigned to them under this section or in other parts of the agreement: if the defined terms and definitions are presented in the format of a table, you can use the lead-in: “In this agreement, the following capitalized terms have the meanings that are opposed to them.” The obligations of the unscathed party under this section 10 depend on the party unscathed. :(w) Service refers to a service that PCCW Global provided to the customer in accordance with this contract, according to a purchase order, and which service is described in more detail under the specific conditions.