Iatse Basic Agreement Holidays

The following public holidays apply to these contracts:- Basic Agreement – Low Budget National Theatre Convention – AICP Commercial Contract These rates are provided for general information purposes. Not all prices are shown. In the event of a discrepancy between the collective card and the collective agreement, the latter is controlling. Please select the corresponding contract and classification from the drop-down menus below to view your salaries, conditions and holidays. You can also check your contract by searching for a show request access to view the Available for Work list Confirm the accuracy of your paycheck with the new salary and benefits calculator. Erik Kench Field Representative (323) 978-1079 ekench@editorsguild.com Alenis Leon Field Representative (323) 978-1072 aleon@editorsguild.com Jessica Pratt Field Representative (323) 978-1075 jpratt@editorsguild.com pilots and episodic programming of the first season usually have excessive hours and rest periods. In view of our forthcoming negotiations on the basic agreement, we need to collect data to highlight how the long working hours of drivers and early seasons should be addressed. New Year`s Day – January 1Martin Luther King Jr Day – January 20 (only in National Low Budget Agr. and AICP Commercial Contract) Presidents` Day – February 17 End Friday – April 10Mernerstag – May 25 IndependenceTag – July 4- September 7 Veterans Day – 11. November (only in the AICP commercial contract) Thanksgiving Holiday – November 26Day After Thanksgiving – November 27 (but not in the AICP commercial contract) Christmas Day – December 25 Project may reflect an independent contract or larger, but if you are a local employee in New York, the prices and post-production rules (New York modification) apply. Track how many hours you work in this pilot season!. .