Prenuptial Agreement Colombia

Reducing property disputes in divorce: A marital contract includes property and property acquired before the breakdown of marriage, separated from the property you and your spouse acquire in common to avoid litigation in the event of a divorce. After deeming the agreement unenforceable, the Court of Appeal considered the division of property and concluded that the trial had acted appropriately. Marital agreements should not be used to control people or exploit their financial vulnerability. Contact Knoxville Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Patrick L. Looper for a consultation. Protecting family businesses: If you have a family business or a business or business practice of your own, you can, through a pre-contractual agreement, protect these interests from the sharing of these interests as part of your joint commitments. Today, half of all marriages in America end in divorce, although no one gets married when considering a divorce, it is wise to consider at least one marital arrangement to protect the spouses` property, the family business and other important aspects. In Colombia, you can go through a marriage pact before getting married in order to preserve the assets acquired in the past and which will be acquired in the future. Non-financial rights are also protected: a matrimonial agreement allows you to cover more than financial aspects of the marriage, which can be detailed in the document as a decision of the parties in advance. The husband sought divorce in 2013 and asked the Tennessee court to abide by the long-serving agreement. The court found the agreement unenforceable and classified and split part of the parties` assets as marital property. The husband was also ordered to pay subseras and legal fees. Dissatisfied with the ruling, the husband appealed to the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

If one or more of these agreements are in effect, you can benefit from the signing of a marriage contract. Once you feel comfortable that a prenup is made for you, it is important to speak honestly with your partner about cooperation under the agreement. Getting married in Colombia is huge. Starting with culture, when religion is involved in marriage and laws that allow the exchange of struggles. It is a process that requires commitment, patience and love. Even if you want to get married in Colombia and you have plans to stay and start a family or bring your loved one back to your country of origin, it is recommended to consult a Colombian lawyer. Sometimes the marriage agreement is to do the responsible and mature thing, even in a situation where the word “divorce” is not at all in your mind. Here in Colombia, the marriage agreement, which is called in Spanish, “Capitulaciones Matrimoniales”, governed by Law 54, Article 7 of 1990 and the 4th book of the Civil Code in Colombia. Conclusion: A marital contract and an experienced lawyer may design marital agreements before, during and after periods of marriage and cohabitation that maximize the protection of your hard-earned property in Colombia.