Taobao Platform Service Agreement

1.1 Access and use of websites and services through websites that include the platforms described in 7.1 of the Terms of Use (these services, software and products, referred to as cumulative “services”) are subject to the terms of this document and the privacy policy (see section 3.3 below), product policy and all other website rules and policies them from time to time. This document and other rules and policies of the websites are referred to as “Conditions” together. By accessing and using websites and services, you agree to accept the terms and be linked to them. Please do not access or use services or websites if you do not accept all the conditions. 1.2 Terms of transaction. provides an online transaction platform and ancillary services on websites (for example. B the platform and services, “transactional services”) that allow registered members of websites to enter into online transactions for products or services within websites subject to the terms of this agreement. may publish transaction rules, litigation rules and other rules and guidelines for any type of online transaction and any subsequent changes or changes (“Terms of Transaction”) that may be made from time to time. These terms of transaction are explicitly included in this reference agreement and you agree to be bound by these rules and guidelines. This section discusses the terms and conditions of the sale of products or services on the site.

Alibaba has also begun to promote a new style of live broadcasting on its platform, called c`nbé (播), which offers rural sellers. Taobao even gave them their own category in the app, in order to make it easier for these rural sellers to find customers and followers on the platform. [32] This fee is payable annually to for the services provided. This tax depends on the registered primary category of merchants and is refunded if certain conditions are met. 4.2 Third-party fee not included. The service charges charged by do not include a fee (including all taxes) for services or products that you can purchase or purchase as part of the online transaction. It is your responsibility to pay the fees with such third parties. All prices are listed in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) and include VAT and are listed on the site by the seller who sells the product or service. The items in your shopping cart always reflect the last price posted on the item details site.

Please note that this price may differ from the price displayed for the item when you first included it in your shopping cart. If you put an item in your shopping cart, the price displayed at that time is not reserved. It is also possible that the price of an item may decrease between the time you put it in your basket and the time you buy it. We do not offer price comparisons for items sold by a seller on our website or on other websites. We are committed to providing our users with the most accurate price information on the site; However, errors can still occur, z.B. if the price of an item is not displayed correctly on the site. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order. In the event that an item is misjudged, we can contact you at your discretion, either to receive instructions or cancel your order and inform you of such cancellation.